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Work More Successfully, Not Working More

Work More Successfully, Not Working More

I’ve discovered something about working for myself. I mean, aside from unreasonable demands, and just as unreasonable hours.  

Ponderings of a Digital Hoarder

Ponderings of a Digital Hoarder

Like many people who create art (for a living or otherwise) I have a few strange quirks*. If something isn’t up to some arbitrarily defined “I know ‘it’ when I see ‘it’” standard, it just falls by the way side.

NixxysPicks for July ‘09

NixxysPicks for July ‘09

It’s been a heck of a month hasn’t it? From new ways we are all going to die, to politicos acting like kids (then again, that really does seem rather business as usual doesn’t it?).   Well, the artists have also been incredibly busy (as you can see after the jump).

It was ridiculously hard to pick just one to feature out of any of the great shops below, so I would wholeheartedly recommend checking out the full shops as well.

Featured below are the newer one’s I have linked since my last update, in no particular order.

Vincent Chair Postcard

Now Van Gogh has always been one of my favorite artists, the story behind his paintings has always moved me.  So very admittedly,  this postcard from by MasterpieceCafe wasn’t hard by far to pick.

Just Ride Skull Shoes I love these so, so much.  These kickass kicks (see what I did there?) by frankshooter are simply awesome.  I love this skull design something fierce.

Target 2 Win Skateboard by JamesDeVere is fantastic.  I adore the use of the bright colors and the blue contrasts fabulously with the yellow.  The overall design reminds me of Keith Haring’s work, an artist who I still adore.

Pretty Organ Donor Shirt by awarenessribbontees highlights a fantastic cause with a fantastic design.  Organ donors are essential in health care, and it’s a great way to feel good and do good for people!  (I’m a donor myself).

Funny Snorkel Diver Mousepad is one of those products I simply looked at and couldn’t resist loudly saying awww!  seriously, this design and all the ones in smallpotatoesdesigns’ shop are so cute they’re hard to resist!

Vintage Seashells Postcard has a fab use of color, and the rest of the shop by YesterdayCafe has a ton of great vintage imagery that I simply adore.

Make it Christmas in July!  The card above is customizable and so sweet.

Mirage Las Vegas Sunset Volcano HDR Photo Poster is absolutely stunning.  The way the whole image is captured is simply breathtaking. I love the work done by urbanphotos, there’s a lot there, and it is all stunning!

What are grandma’s for? Now, this shirt speaks the truth and it’s a great way to spoil any grandma!

Army_navy shirt
Army_navy by mysideproject
Get t-shirts from Zazzle

Now, I have a confession. I’m a former Army Brat (my mom used to be a Navy Brat) so I always have to smile extra at anything showing the Army/ Navy football game. The pride? Oh yeah, it’s there.

Tell me you looked at that mug and didn’t smile, I dare you.  I love how the typography plays off the design, and you know I happen to be a professional artist, so how the heck could I resist?  For those that aren’t artists, there’s a ton of awesome other occupational goodies over at the occupation_tshirts shop.

This guy is seriously rockin’.

I love this heart design, it’s really simple and stunning.

Check out the older update?

Free Zazzle Shop Promotion!

Free Zazzle Shop Promotion!

Do you have a zazzle shop? Do you also have a 125 x 125 button? Well, write me at admin(@)notquitecookiecutter.com with links to your shop and your image (or just include both in your email) and you can see your advertisement on the sidebar for […]

Glen Beck: The Voice of the (Conservative) People

Glen Beck: The Voice of the (Conservative) People

Photo: Nicholas Roberts for The New York Times The nations newest conservative voice, Glen Beck?  The Fox host’s views are a light at the end of a tunnel for some conservatives as of late, with many of them feeling left off the Obama Bandwagon,  they […]