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There Goes That Bikini Contract (Beware of Rainbows)

There Goes That Bikini Contract (Beware of Rainbows)

Image via Wikipedia: No Relevance, just an odd picture. *Potential for tmi below* Well, okay there isn’t any actual bikini contract, but hey let me have my delusions okay? Although, yes for you paying attention, the said delusion is that I lost a bikini contract, […]

Creepy, Crazy, and Eeek

Creepy, Crazy, and Eeek

Correct me if I am indeed wrong but wouldn’t putting a rather disconcerting image on your product be a reasonably bad idea?  Well, granted that is quite dependent on what exactly that product is.  This one is a wine bottle randomly found (well okay logically […]

Prairie Dogs, Planes, and Rain!

Prairie Dogs, Planes, and Rain!

Below are some photos from Shorty’s birthday, thankfully she’s only two (*wail*) so it was just the family. I’m guessing due to the recent arrival of some family back to the area, I’m going to be dealing with many many children soon. Save for them not all being children anymore. Umm.. Okay so that wasn’t really as relevant as I had thought.

Although, does anyone else find it odd getting burgers at a zoo when your meals cousin is all of a few feet away?

Anyway- Prairie Dogs.

Prarie Dogs - Mean but cuteAwesome little guys, I would adopt a whole slew of them if I could. They actually quite remind me of my brother and myself (kidding! well sorta), just after that photo was taken the middle one slapped the one on the right. Fun times indeed.

The Beardsley zoo has this bubble view set up that was rather awesome, you can look up into it and get a feel for life as a prairie dog.

And really- Prairie Dogs.

Only at my kid's birthday should you expect to get buzzed by planes

We got buzzed by a plane, so not kidding. This photo makes it look a lot higher than it was. Leave it to me to consider this part of the ‘magical experience’ of the day.


Threre's a reason it's called New England

You ever wonder why they call this area ‘New England’ wonder no more. However, we also get heat waves, snow, and hurricanes, so there are differences. It’s like England, but extreme(!).


The peacocks roam free (with some other birds), and this one was I swear stalking my dad, I swears it. It was planning on avenging his avian brothers*, we left before it could attack.

DSC03224Where the buffalo rooooaaammmm…

Yeah, um… Kiddo didn’t like these so much. My protests that they are indeed, awesome helped only for a second. Then- not so much.

Have I mentioned I’m odd? I have?

Oh okay then.

After a bit more walking the skies opened and it poured rain. Like as in buckets, which was a bit fun, although I couldn’t stop and think of that whole Noah’s Ark story. Hell, being in a zoo solves a good part of the two of every kind thing…

Darn it, it was fun- until the thunder. (What is it with kids and thunder, or was I just nuts as a kid? I’ve always loved thunderstorms).

Meh, then we had cake it was good.

*My dad hunts, aside from golf and fishing it’s the cliché older guy thing. *sigh*

Tick Tock, Tick Tock: I’m Overtired and Blaming the Clock

Tick Tock, Tick Tock: I’m Overtired and Blaming the Clock

The last few weeks I’ve been suffering from a rather aggravating lack of sleep.  I’m not entirely sure where it’s coming from, but it’s giving me a lot of time to myself and thinking.  While my eyes are always rather decorated with dark circles, of […]

In Which I Complain (And Recycle This Title Again)

In Which I Complain (And Recycle This Title Again)

Yesterday I spent far too long on something that was stubbornly refusing to do my bidding, and in the end it didn’t amount to a hill of beans due to me having to just ‘reset’ everything in the end. So that indeed was not fun, […]