While these pages should really be letting you know why this is a totally awesome website that you should love forever, I have no idea why anybody reads it. At all. After all this website is a collection of my thoughts, which aren’t always coherent deep. I rant far more than I should, and tend to complain more than anything.

So, yeah. Take all that for what you will.

Here are some random tidbit about me (because I should have some more filler here):

  • I’m the mother of a toddler, who is awesome.
  • I work for myself, and go to school as well.
  • I’m pushing 30 (and omg, I just said that) and enjoy art and design (which is actually what I do for work).
  • I’m really, really geeky (both with graphics, and hardware / software of computers).
  • I can build a computer.
  • I can also code a website.
  • I hate spiders.
  • No really, they are scary.
  • I also am not to fond of seafood. It’s gross.
  • I don’t like talking about myself (irony).
  • I’m divorced, but love making invitations for Weddings (irony!).
  • I know (and use) both the internet definition of irony, and the Webster’s definition.

You can get in touch (or rant, or whatever) by writing admin@notquitecookiecutter.com

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