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The one about me venting

The one about me venting

My goal for many years has been to get better at time management. Right now, I’m still working on it. If you need someone to waste time, I’m a pro. Last night, I managed to waste about 4 hours gaming while ‘playing for one more minute’. Yeah, that’s me, a teenage boy. I’m awesome.

Things I could have been doing:

  • Making my meals for today.
  • Cleaning.
  • Finally doing the damned dishes.
  • Literally anything else.

It’s not just gaming, I mean hell now I’m wasting time at work and just trying to look busy. It’s Wednesday, so you know nobody is calling IT when they have that ‘we’re almost done for the week’ glow that people seem to have any time after Tuesday.

So, here I am. Writing and making lists.

For someone who is so dedicated to wasting as much time as humanly possible, I really do love a good list. Granted, it’s for my hypothetical meal prepping that I’m totally going to start any day now. Which, I will likely put off until the last-minute and forget again until I wake up in a panic due to needing something for meals while I’m wasting time at work.

As evidence, this is my ‘I have no time for anything else’ breakfast:

Well, eggs with hot sauce and blackberries. Tasty, but looks terrifying.
Well, ‘freemium’ coffee, eggs with hot sauce and blackberries. Tasty, but terrifying.

As an aside, this looked awful on my phone screen when I snapped that pic, not nearly as edible as it was.

I mean, yes it was delicious,so it had that going for it. But, 5AM eggs and something I threw in for lunch (what I lovingly call ‘sweet potato mash’) isn’t the best way of spending my morning (which of course, is wasting time – I’m sure you’re seeing the trend here).

Of course, this kind of thing isn’t exactly new for me*. I’ve made a bit of progress over the years, of course.

Admittedly, the problem is more pronounced this week as my favorite ankle biter gets to spend her school vacation hanging out with her grandparents. When kiddo is home, she very much keeps a tight ship, so the schedule is rarely deviated from. So while my alarm clock is away, I’m finding that I’m having trouble keeping to the schedule.

Of course, instead of doing anything about any of that I’m choosing (quite reasonably) to instead rant on my blog. Because it’s basically the same thing as accomplishing something, and really isn’t that the only thing that matters?

Ahhh, sweet accomplishment.
Ahhh, sweet accomplishment.





*Those clothes are still more or less around, though I did donate some. My balloon idea never did come to fruition. I did donate a lot though (and yes, I did wash them first).


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