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Straight Up Bohemia

Straight Up Bohemia

For years my dream was to live an art-soaked bohemian lifestyle. I was going to travel the world making things pretty, and teaching the masses about the improvements that art can bring to (what I assumed to be) their horribly dull lives. Show them the way of the art. Show them the blissful union that could be by merging their lives and design.

I art, and I art well.

It was going to be awesome. I was going to be the next Warhol – but with less screen printing and drugs.

I was going to spend a few years in art school, learning new techniques and then boom! The art would flow forth like a waterfall of sheer amazement!

Rainbow Waterfall
(Artist’s Depiction-See my art doesn’t go to waste)

The lifestyle was MINE it was going to be just the best thing in the history of EVER.

However, after visiting the art school – I was left with far more unease about the lifestyle. Sure, the school was great and I would have loved it (and yes, before you wonder – my portfolio did get me accepted). The people were wonderful, and a good friend of mine went there too.

It should have been wonderful.

However, at the time I was… Vastly overestimating myself, and the real value of art and design in the real world.

After bringing me around the school, looking at my portfolio, and really working me into a creative tizzy, I was brought through the gallery of final projects of students, and thus my downfall.

Don’t get me wrong, the work was fantastic, it showed a lot of improvements in the students, and showed that the school really knew it’s stuff in the creative department.

The problem? As I’m sure you’re wondering….

A fair portion of the work was geared towards product design, packaging, and other business and work-oriented projects. The work was fake product packaging, and branding.

Whoa there. I thought. My 18 year-old brain was having none of this.

I am artist. Hear me roar.

I don’t need to be a part of your system, man. I’m not bowing down to a corporate authority. I’m an artist. I create for no business.

Because, yes. I knew better. I was smarter than that. I was going to be a bohemian. Show people that art still had value! I was going to turn the system though the wonderful projects I was going to put forth!

Now of course, it goes without saying I was a bit too idealistic for my own good, as most 18 year olds tend to be. I also didn’t have much in the way of real life experience built up to really understand how the world works (I know, shocking!).

So, of course my ‘protesting the establishment’ by arting all the things usually consisted of debating color theory at a local coffee house.

The darkness is representative of the struggle of man... Also- I'm out of coffee.
The darkness is representative of the struggle of man… Also- I’m out of coffee.

Amazingly, this didn’t help much to make the world more sparkly.

I actually did wind up being in a creative field for a good while. I got started as a writer (which of course was also up my alley, because I totally wrote 13 year old girl poetry at one point*)! So, really it just makes sense – I’m a Jane of all trades I mean, the kind of writing I was doing was just below being able to respectably be done in Starbucks.

But, I was getting there!

Through a good while of being a more legitimate freelancer – I wound up growing up a bit (just a bit though). While I still do enjoy painting and design, I think I’ve grown a bit with my thinking and approach to it all.

I’ve also realized what an idiot I was at 18. So, there’s that as well.

*When I was natch, a 13 year old girl.

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