You’re… You’re Actually Still There?

You’re… You’re Actually Still There?

. flowers_ apple_ Blossoms

Well it’s been… well a while. A very long while, going by that last post. But, things have been busy! Which is the typical excuse! Yay! Or something! I haven’t been much into writing for a while, I confess, but hey! Folks are still checking in so I thought I would do an update (hopefully guilt inducing enough to make me do more!).

A lot has changed. By a lot, I mean.. Well, everything. This is good, of course So, yay! There’s that! A bit hasn’t so yay! That too! Also, there’s been me ignoring the literally tens of people who are still checking in here (dedication which I do oddly… if kind of worried about… appreciate).

Sure, things and situations change, but hey – I’m still the over analytical and often neurotic me. So, that’s a win, for you.

So in the interest of catching up with my most catty of friends (* kiss kiss * internet!) here’s the list of what’s changed:

  • I’ve gone legit.
  • Borderline, at least.
  • I’m in IT
  • Cut me some slack here.
  • It’s close enough to legit.
  • For reals.
  • Not surprising..
  • I’m still not a thrilling person.
  • I’m  coming to the conclusion I never will be, and that’s okay.

Okay, so yeah, stay in school! Also! Be sure of what you want to be, and go to school for that! That last bit seems kind of important, I admit with all the assurance of a good job and a lot more knowledge in hindsight.

Alright, most people are bored reading about here.. And I can’t blame them. But, hey some good news, no more ads! Well quite a bit less so (they were messing with the design either way). As I’m not broke and hungry, shivering in the cold, desolate wasteland that is the internet.