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Supporting the arts, One artist at a time

Supporting the arts, One artist at a time

I’ve started a funding drive on IndieGoGo for supporting the arts. Every bit counts, and I’ve been working on this idea for while now, and would love to see it come to fruition. My overall idea is two-fold – supporting both artists and charities.

The artists will be given the option to donate all or some of their profits to the charity of their choice, and in addition to community drives and other methods, my hope is that we can help.

The Idea:

Custom microsites and profiles with options they need and the creative freedom they want and should have. I’m not looking for this to ever be the next Facebook, but instead something to help support both the arts and the fellow human. Pushing the arts forward through a simple and rewarding means is important, especially with so many schools cutting funding for the arts.

I’m looking to bring them back to the forefront. Artists deserve compensation for their work, and at a reasonable rate. Many websites out there don’t cater to that.

I’m looking to create a place where artists can sell their work, and look for more, for far more reasonable rates. The pricing would be based around what they want, and people who are looking for an artist will be able to ask in an appropriate area, and find the creative to work with them on their project.

I’m an artist myself, who has worked for far less than they should have. This would create a venue for artists to sell, promote, and, do some good with their work. I’m looking into supporting charities that are also within the same scope as the website I’m looking to make.

The money will be going towards development, launching costs, and other needed expenses.I’m also looking into working with a non-profit that supports humanity without an ulterior motive.

Why funding?

  • The money I raise will go into the following:
  • Start up costs (hosting, domain, set up)
  • Development of the website
  • Initial, and ongoing advertising campaigns

I’ve also been looking into charities to work with on this project, as ideally I’d also like to be able to promote them as well as offer the option for the users of the website to donate a portion of the proceeds they receive toward them.

What can you do?

Even if you can’t contribute monetarily there’s still a few ways you can help. Below are the things that would be simply fabulous if you could help with:

  • Spread the word! Either my liking this post, or the fundraising page.
  • Donate.
  • If you work for a cause, let me know – I’m compiling a list of charities to work with.
  • Send this link to people you know that may be able to help – again every bit counts!

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