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One Million Moms: Who’s The Bully Now?

One Million Moms: Who’s The Bully Now?
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I don’t get a lot of protest groups, and I’m speaking as an ex-PeTA member (don’t laugh, too hard).

I do however get that people sometimes need something to cling to, and they can usually find that in some special interest kind of group. Belonging. There’s groups out there for people with most thoughts, feelings, ideals, and beliefs. Normally it’s a good thing, and after all – they do have that right.

Other citizens also have the right to speak out against them.

One Million Moms

While admittedly, I hadn’t really given ‘One Million Moms’ much thought, I had heard their name a time or two. Thought they were minor, and not really a thing. I can’t recall where I had heard the name, just that I had indeed heard it. I had assumed (correctly) that they were yet another misnomer-themed group that was a branch off of a larger – already frowned upon group (I’m seriously jaded, but still – correct).

Browsing these here interwebs, I came across this image: link (warning, not safe for work).

Again I had heard of them, and at first I figured – oh, it can’t be that bad. So, I moseyed on over to my best friend in times like this, Google, and clickety clacked until I reached their website.

Reading the ‘About’ page on their website, one is inclined to think they’re a respectable group.

It can be summed up thusly:

OneMillionMoms.com was begun to give moms an impact with the decision-makers and let them know we are upset with the messages they are sending our children and the values (or lack of them) they are pushing.

While I do believe in a more parent-oriented approach, I can still respect that much.

This group is so beyond respectable. They hide behind a ‘think of the children’ approach to disguise their blatant hateful messages. The image at the top of this article is from a GAP campaign. Aside from the inherit issues trying to walk, or something while in the same shirt, really isn’t offensive at all. Then again neither is their other targets:

  • JC Pennnny (Bonus awesome: Jcpenney didn’t listen or budge to OMM’s comments, but decided to keep Ellen along with releasing a statement that read, “Ellen represents the values of our company.” )
  • DC/ Marvel Comics (Bonus! Comic fans rock.)
  • Macy’s (June is Gay Pride Month all across America, and retailerMacy’s is celebrating the month by featuring merchandise in its stores from the Human Rights Campaign.)

In looking at their website, it seems like they’ve attempted to clean up their act a tad. Which still isn’t saying much, if anything. In one (now deleted, but cached ‘action call’ they say:

Ryan Murphy, an open homosexual and the producer of GLEE, is pushing political correctness and his lifestyle choice on teens. Teenagers are being desensitized, but parents can do something about this hidden agenda.

(Cached Link – There’s worse there, be forewarned.)

I’m sure that with a bit more time and a stronger stomach, one would very likely find that they’ve deleted quite a bit. Going by their motive, and their views – it seems it was done not as a change of heart – but to appear to be more palatable for the general public. With support for same-sex marriage (or, you know what it’s actually called : marriage) rising steadily, one would expect them to be forced into appearing more sane.

Under the AFA Umbrella, Natch

They are a part of one of my least favorite ‘non-profit organization’ – American Family Association. Being so, they have the same kind of insanity, hidden under some ‘maternal’ front. That alone is disgusting, as you can put whatever type of sugary-sweet coating on hatred and biggotry – it’s still hatred and biggotry.

Donald Wildmon ~ Founder AFA

The founder, Donald ‘ironic last name’ Wildmon himself, like all those with their knickers in a bunch, has protested against such immortal things as:

OMM comes from a long line of intolerance and hate-filled messages which I don’t want my child ever hearing. I find them far more offensive than any ads, commercials, or comic book characters that they ‘fight’ against.

People like them are a dying breed. Support for marriage equality has been steadily on the rise, as it should be. People don’t stand for intolerance, nor ignorance. OMM and it’s parent organization hopefully will be duly laughed at, and one can hope – someday- shut down.

My daughter has seen couples of various gender combinations, she know that love is simply that. Love. I’m proud of that, and her.

The outdated thinking of these ‘groups’ is a poison, it’s sneaky and vile. They are far more dangerous to our society than anything they ‘protest’.

They preach hatred, they fight love, and they need to be rightfully laughed at. In this case? Laughter really is the cure.



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