Confession: I have An Office Supply Fetish

Confession: I have An Office Supply Fetish

I have a serious problem when it comes to notebooks. I know I need to stay FAR away from them, but that doesn’t really stop me from spending all my money on looking at them. Zazzle, a website I use for a bulk printer and have some rather nice stuff on (seriously, they’re awesome) recently added notebooks to their offerings and I’ve been completely in love with them.

Because I’m either looking for validation of my notebook addiction or a support group – below are some really awesome selections from the main marketplace.

All I can think of: “Excuse me sir, I moustache you a question”. Then I’d giggle, and people would stare – it would be hilariously awkward. Well, I’d be laughing at least.

I absolutely adore this look (keep in mind, Zazzle is renowned for customizations, so yes – that text? You can totally chance it up). The overall look is so chic, and I absolutely am loving the greens and grey.

I’m not kidding when I say that both my mom and both my grandmothers had this exact style recipe book. The design itself is so classic that I can’t see red gingham without salivating.

I don’t think this notebook needs any praise. Seriously now, CUTE NARWALS.  Okay, also? I have an issue with illustrations with big eyes, I love them way too much.

Sure it’s the literal definition of Orwellian, but c’mon it’s a classic. Plus, every time you hear somebody say ‘1984’ you could totes make a joke about ‘wrote the book on it’ and pull it out. It would be FANTASTIC.

Or, alternately, if you’re not one of those people who prefers not to mess with people because somebody on the internet said so, there’s one of these great parodies.

A message anyone can get behind.

So? Do you see the reason I have way too much notebook love now? If not of course you can just click ‘close’ but really. Aside from developing this during my awkward high school sans ‘deep poet’ phase, I don’t see this going away anytime soon.