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62 Days Later

62 Days Later


It’s been a really long few weeks.

Okay, considering that it’s been longer than ‘a few weeks’ I should mention that I’m being figurative here, all sorts of metaphors are tossing themselves around hurling themselves 100 mph at brick walls.

While it was a very productive absence, which is surely a small comfort for that one person who seems to religiously read my blog (well, going by the spam comments, you good sir – are a gentleman and a true patriot.

Kiddo’s been, well… Showing some signs of likely having been raised by some wild animal that’s a mixture of wolf, banshee, shark and the Tasmanian Devil himself. In public, I’ve been offered advice ranging from eye rolls, death glares, and the occasional clicking of the tongue. It’s still a step up I suppose from being kicked out (seriously, kind people my daughter leaves in her wake, I salute you).

Overall, the main issue is change. More change, at least.

I had finished school, and started in on being an unpaid and heavily caffeinated intern. All was okay, she was doing fabulous at school. Making friends, all was great! Things were chugging alone fabulously.

I mean here she was, used to being with me most of the time (working at home and all). So, she had seriously adjusted amazingly! Yay!

Nope. After a few weeks, poor kid fell ill to one of the many ick variations that kids love to pass amongst each other. No biggie, she got to hang out with grandma for a bit. Well, while the ick itself wasn’t too bad, she was up later than normal coughing.

Well, okay… That sucks but nothing we haven’t been through before.

Those nights up coughing lasted a tad longer, and now with memorial day, a few longer weekends (and weekend nights), and a host of other things, this poor kid is way too over tired lately. Which of course doesn’t help with handling things, big or small.

Win some, lose some I guess.

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