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I’ve Grown Rather Fond Of This: Arbitrary Photos of The Moment

I’ve Grown Rather Fond Of This: Arbitrary Photos of The Moment

I’ve been spending a lot more time in the city. While granted we’re talking more New Haven, CT version of ‘the city’ and not Manhattan, NY version of the city- it’s still a thing.

An Awesome Thing (TM).

Along with this new found love of the hustle and bustle there are random little things that just make the area it’s own little world. Sure, there are Occupy protesters elsewhere, but New Haven also has it’s own little tent city (for the record, I have no idea if other places have this). Sure, I supported the movement by occupying a park bench with some coffee, it was still occupying the part bench with some coffee- in solidarity.


There’s also a bit of interest that right next door to the tent city is one of many Yale – oriented areas.

As my SO and I are such romantics, we took in the protest as well. That’s what normal people do, right?


Now, I can’t get behind the Ron Paul love for a few reasons, but hey- not going to judge.

Also: More protests!


Fun, no?

Even if I don’t support the Ron Paul people, it’s good to see people standing up for whatever they believe in, same goes for the Occupy protesters. Freedom of speech and right to protest – It’s a good thing. Even aside from the many protests, there’s a lot to love about the area (and yes, at the moment I’m sure I do sound like a tourist brochure, I just don’t care).

Granted, there’s a lot more to this place than protesters but it seems that the only pictures I’ve taken are of those. Because I constantly forget I have a new cellphone that takes nicer photos. Awesome, no?

Honestly? I need to take back up taking all those pictures I used to. Of late, I honestly just wasn’t feeling very creative or driven (thanks winter, good looking out) but I’ve been feeling a lot better of late.

Always a bonus.

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