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I’m Like All Jenga Up in Here

I’m Like All Jenga Up in Here


At 28 I kind of figured I’d be having cooler existential breakdowns. Not that there’s anything ‘cool’ about an existential breakdown, but rage typing and not changing out of my pajamas and ratty band t-shirts doesn’t really seem to be the most.. exiting way to go about it either.


(artist’s depiction, so. much. talent.)

I kind of hoped that by now I’d be a responsible adult, and maybe have nervous breakdowns in some sort of glamorous way. Much like Scarlet in Gone With the Wind. With wine, flowing dresses, and dramatic music highlighting my despair.

Gone With The Wind 153

Clearly, I was mislead.

Instead,  I was far, far less.. elegant.


If life hands me way too much at once, this is simply what happens. While on one hand it’s rather not.. healthy… but considering? I’d rather be drinking too much coffee yelling at my computer than some of the alternatives.

So, I suppose in some small way that does make it more palatable than the Scarlett O’Hara version.

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