Curious Things

Curious Things


Little things make me happy.

Sometimes it’s a rant about an octopus, sometimes, it’s pie (and I do love me some pie). Sometimes, it’s the wonder from looking u at the brilliant night sky.

More and more lately, it’s my daughter. She finds ways of looking at things that astound me. She can take something I’ve seen a million times before, and say something, ask a question, or point out something that will force a new perspective on whatever it was.

She points out the magical parts of some completely everyday things. It’s wonderful. I love her perspective on things, and truthfully at times she’s caused me to reevaluate my own opinions and thoughts.

I also find it both amazing, and rather confusing that she’s more content sitting down and working out mathematical problems or spelling than coloring. With the math at least, she’s a far cry from me.

At times she’ll ask me a question about something I am familiar with, and we’ll tell stories as the explanation (the body versus the germs is a favorite around these parts). Which is far easier when it grabs her attention so well. She requests scientific explanations, and sometimes doing that in a story form is just fun.

Plus, with her being four, it helps keep her interested. Which also helps her learn more as well. So, it’s win-win.

While Clifford and EggBert are fun, science is awesome. Having a kiddo who seems to be really interested in it as well really thrills me to no end. I’m looking forward to buying her first ‘experiment’ kit, and whatever else that will help her come to her understand of the world around us.