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Not Just a Number.

Not Just a Number.

I tried for a snappy title. I really did. But, sadly that’s not going to happen.

I get a lot of ad offers on this website. I’m also a member of a few websites that will reward bloggers for time/whatever invested. I mean, sure- it was fun. It’s just got to stop.

Most, if not all of these ads (let’s call them what they are, okay) are geared towards moms.

That’s fine, in and of itself. It is. I mean hell, I am a mom. A lot of them were pretty relevant to my own interests and purchases. I’m also sure that they were for others as well. That’s awesome.

However, of late my mind has been drawing blanks here and to be honest I’ve not written for a while. I’m still getting those ‘blogger deals’ and they’ve grown progressively worse. More cliché, and worse. That’s got to stop. More and more the ads are geared towards some rather offensive ideology or trope. Seriously, it’s got to stop.

I’m not just a ‘mom’. I’m not just a ‘woman’. I’m a human.

Sure, I enjoy some fashion. I also enjoy technology.

I enjoy make up. I also enjoy getting my hands dirty.

I’m not just a woman. I’m not just a number. I’m not just a advertising metric.

The worst part of all of this? My daughter has been coming to me, upset, wondering why she can’t play with certain toys, or watch certain shows.

The reason? They’re only for boys.

She’s getting that message, at four. Only four years old. We watch shows together, I’ve tried to monitor what she views.

It’s not enough.

She’s just learning to write her name, and already is being bombarded with these messages.

That she ‘can’t’ do whatever due to her gender. She can’t like green (her favorite color) because it’s a ‘boy color’. She can’t like blue, same reasons. She can’t play with various toys, do certain things, or be what she wants (a doctor, for as long as she’s known what that was).

Those are for ‘boys’. And that’s not okay.

It goes without saying, I’ve tried to tell her otherwise, while it seems to stick I don’t want those horrible thoughts coming back.

She’s not just a girl. She’s not just an advertising metric. She a human being.

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