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Is It 2012 Yet?

Is It 2012 Yet?



I am really not good around the holidays. Really, from around Halloween on I’m just a tight-knit bundle of nerves.

This year is far worse than most (thank you body for that, just awesome. Seriously).  Between everything going on, being forced to socialize with people I’d generally rather not see, and a host of random medical things in my family- the last few months have been horrible. I know I’ve been bad (really bad) at posting here for  a while now and trust me, I’ve wanted to.  I’ve had a lot of posts for here started, but simply ran out of words to say, or they wound up being some far too long tangent about life in general. Granted, I normally rant. A lot. these weren’t exactly what I should be posting up.

This has been the longest stretch of me being ‘bad blogger’ since I’ve started this website. So, I guess that’s impressive, sort of.

It’s been hard to get myself back in the habit of posting like I should and I’ve been trying. I really have. Truthfully, it a lot of things have fallen by the wayside lately.

Even though the medical problems and some of the other things are gone, and everything turned out okay (thankfully) at this point I’m finding it hard to get back into the habit of blogging here like I had in the past. I’m working on it, and truthfully hoping that maybe this post will be the kick in the pants I need right now.

We’ll see I guess.

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