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Wonderful (And Actually Useful) Freebie Websites!

Wonderful (And Actually Useful) Freebie Websites!


With wallets getting tighter pretty much everywhere, it nice to have a few sources of fun or goodies that don’t cost much. Now, I’m cheap so my preferred price range is roughly free. Plus, it’s something that can introduce you to things you’d never thought about (for real, my favorite drink in the history of ever was found through a freebie offer).

Not to mention it’s like a grown up Christmas when I check the mail. That’s what I call added value.

Actually finding said free things is a bit more difficult than one would normally prefer.

Ideally, I would like this to be a list of things that are ongoing (freebie sites that don’t suck, ongoing promotions, that kind of thing) and if you know of something you think needs to be here, feel free to comment or send me a message.

So, without further adu below are some of the best freebies available one the web.

Freebie Websites:

These are websites that I’ve personally used and can vouch for.

Of course, I’d still like to say to use your best judgment in any of these.

  • Broke Student Guide: Sure you may not even remember college, but a lot of these freebies are good for more than just Ramen.
  • Slick Deals Forum: A bunch of freebies and promotional offers from across the web.
  • Frugal Freebies: Again, a bunch of great freebies from around the web. Updates a lot too, which is always helpful.
  • Hey It’s Free!: Bet you can’t guess what it’s about.
  • Hip 2 Save: I’m guessing right now that you’re pretty sure what this list is about. So, I’ll go out on a branch and say that you don’t need me to make these comments anymore.
  • Fat Wallet: This forum has the added bonus of user reviews of the offers.
  • Mr. Cheap Stuff: Deals and freebies (and a ton of good advice for saving some green).
Now, I do know there’s a ton of these types of websites, and finding some that are legitimate can be a huge hassle (and risk for some of them). So, I’d like to expand more on this list as time goes on, and I’ll be adding in some more as I’ve found them.

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