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Unbirthdays: Because I’m the Adult Now

Unbirthdays: Because I’m the Adult Now

The first time I realized I was an adult (or rather thought I was, which is a lot more accurate) I had been living more or less on my own for a couple of weeks. I was hungry and craving some delicious chocolate so, of course brownies were needed. I made the batter (boxed, naturally) and really even that mixing part alone was delaying the much-needed chocolate therapy.

Being a human in a quandary and having little to no real self-control (also: brownies) I tasted the mix, and had an epiphany. I’m here, on my own, and I can do what I want.

While, okay I regretted that decision not too long after, it was a life changing moment. No longer did I have to listen to another person, no longer did I have the safety net under me. It was me, on my own and seriously was in charge. I was in control of the way things work, and if I failed – it was on me, completely.

It was liberating I have to say.

Even now, on occasion I have to remind myself that I’m still ‘the adult’. This especially goes for moments with kiddo. It’s easy (too easy at times) to forget that I don’t have to do things with her the way my mom did with me (don’t get me wrong, my mom is awesome but we still have some differing opinions on most matters).

So, in a bit of an effort to shake things up a bit more today we had a rather wonderful morning party.

My love of Alice in Wonderland has been mentioned here before, and one of the fun ideas in the book is the Unbirthday party.

After all let’s face it, celebrating 364 days a year has a lot more appeal than the measly one most people look forward to.

For those who may want a small refresher here’s the Unbirthday song (as it’s far easier to embed a video than a book):

So this morning we threw a small Unbirthday party. As it’s neither Kiddo or my birthday, we both got a candle to blow out, and naturally she got the frosting (is there any kid that actually eats a doughnut, ever).

Later the celebration shall continue, I’m thinking Unbirthday cards are in order and maybe some other little treats.

Or, whatever else.

Because I’m the adult here, and I’m the one in charge for now.

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