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Oh, Fall- How I’ve Missed You

Oh, Fall- How I’ve Missed You


Fall is finally in the air and, as I do every single year around now, I’m feeling more and more like a Martha Stewart type. During the summer, I don’t like cooking (then again, who does) and it normally feels like most things are just more work than they’re worth. But, as soon as the cooler air hits, I feel a huge burst of inspiration to make things.

While it’s not all cooking and crafting around here (after all, there’s a lot of other things that need doing) fall is really the best season for it all. While a lot of it is a personal love of the crisp air and the changing leaves, a lot of it is really the overall calm I always get around this time of year. Sure, the summer has it’s own perks, but the fall is really when I’m the happiest.



Plus, I’ve been hiking a lot more lately. So, the exercise alone is likely doing me a lot of good. While sure, I do love me my internet connection, since Irene knocked it out for a week I’ve been doing more in the way of things like that. The above photo was taken at Giuffrida Park, which isn’t too far from where I live. While at first there were scenes like the above (just stunning area by the way) after, no joke- some mountain climbing (yes, me– mountain climbing) there were more like the below.


We were about 100 ft up, and that’s one of the lower peaks (my camera doesn’t seem to like the brighter light, and I didn’t realize it until later). The image really doesn’t do the view justice, but it really was simply stunning.


We even met this guy. A huge millipede. This thing was easily 6 inches long, and pretty fast. Honestly, these are still some of my favorite pictures from the trip.


Plus, between the brook and waterfalls, it’s hard not to feel completely zen’d out (that’s a phrase now by the way).

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