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Must. Get. Motivated.

Must. Get. Motivated.


I’ve had a serious lack in motivation lately. I mean, it’s just not there at all.

I’m not depressed, sad, worried, or anything. I’m actually incredibly happy, and I’ve been productive (just not in the ways I want or really need to be).

I guess real life is getting in the way of things.

Which really wouldn’t be an issue if a fair portion of my earnings right now didn’t come from the internet. Really, since Irene (and yeah, let’s face it- before Irene too) I’ve just been lacking the motivation to code, or work much on digital things.

Which is an issue.

I’m hoping that maybe this small rant will help in some way, but I’m not expecting nor asking for miracles here.

Then again I’ve been like this before, and it goes away (eventually). Plus, I’ve written on this very website going on a few years now (three or four years), so in a way it’s still one of the longest projects I’ve mostly kept with. In and of itself, that’s impressive for me.

That’s something. It really is.

Not much, all in all, but something.

When I started this website, kiddo was a newborn I was married, unhappy, I was a raving ditz, and things were chaotic in my life.

Now, she’s a bright and amazing preschooler, I’m divorced and dating (an awesome guy), things are finally making more sense, and life is pretty much awesome. I still rant, and am still fairly ditzy in a lot of circumstances*, but overall? Things just are great.

Which for life is good, for my writing not so much.

At the same time, I still wouldn’t trade things right now for anything.



*For the record, I’d prefer to play this off as my ‘artist’s disposition’.

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