Don’t Panic? Hurricane Irene Heading Towards the East Coast

Don’t Panic? Hurricane Irene Heading Towards the East Coast


So, yeah don’t go to the beach.

When my brother and I were at kiddo’s age we had a hurricane that knocked out power for 5 days.

Naturally I don’t remember this, however much my own mother reminds me of it (which she does so love to do).

So with Hurricane Irene coming towards us, I really have no basis of comparison for what is actually in store. I’m honestly getting a bit nervous, but at the same time have no idea if I should be or not.

In Connecticut, we don’t normally get any kind of catastrophic hurricanes. (Instead, we get blizzards which isn’t really too much of a thing here. Sure, it’s a huge pain but overall it’s really pretty much a non-issue for people who have lived here long enough.)


While overall I’m seriously hoping that it’s going to be more like that other storm from not too long ago, I suppose that logically I realize that this is indeed serious business (but again, basis of comparison causes some problems after that).

I do plan on taking photos (so you disaster lovers will love that) and trying to stay updated somehow. But, admittedly I’m not entirely sure on the electricity situation. At the moment, I’m still trying to figure out what (if anything) we should be doing. If you happen to have advice on that one, feel free to comment.

Especially considering I’m more stuck on the comic sans in my area’s disaster relief pamphlet. Which I wholly acknowledge is pretty sad of me.