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Spam Theater: Spam, Illustrated

Spam Theater: Spam, Illustrated

Illustrated Spam: Fun With Spam!


Usually, the spam I get is a bunch of links, or a word salad with little to no meaning, so upon checking my spam folder (as I lead a pretty sad life) imagine my joy when I found one that was not only fairly easy to read, but involved a news story I’ve been following with great interest.

My simply rule to myself was the illustrations had to take under five minutes each (otherwise, this post would never get done, NEVER). Besides, really you are reading a post on illustrated spam comments, let’s not be too discerning okay?

Also as a note, any links below are what I’ve included to further some understanding of certain things. None are from the spam itself.

So, without further adu may I present:

Spam Theater: The LulzSec Edition

This havoc-wreaking bunch of all cyber criminals recognized “LulzSec

comes with purportedly stuck its input keys.

Some of the workforce tells how they have broken the country’s 50-day hackathon and as well ,

contends it’s actually withdrawal appeared to be part and parcel of the seductive plan,


the group’s tricks hold caught significant

particular totally from criminal.

At the same, Incognito, one cyberpunk lot of people,

persists its actual family activities.

Thank you, thank you. As you can see, my talent is simply outstanding…
Hopefully, I’ll get more with some logical sense to it as I’d like to do this again sometime. By ‘I’d like to do this again sometime’ I do mean I’d like to inundate you will fairly bad artwork. Of course, I’m just nice like that.

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