About The Monster Piles of Clothing That Are Taking Over

About The Monster Piles of Clothing That Are Taking Over

After I had kiddo, and even during the pregnancy, I lost a lot of weight. I went from eating crap, to mostly health food and it’s a habit that just kinda stuck with me. In addition, a lot of the medication I was on, I went off (which also made my thyroid condition go away completely).

After her birth I went from around 210 – 220 to 115 – 120, so around 100 pounds (side note; holy crap. This is the first time I’ve ever realized how much I lost). I mean, don’t get me wrong, between my height and how I carried it and dressed I didn’t look to be that much by far.

The problem today however, is I have a lot of clothing left over from those years. A LOT of clothing left over from those years. Some of it can still be pulled off, but most of it needs to go the way of the dodo.

This clothing need to get gone like, yesterday.

I’ve been putting it off for a while now. I know I shouldn’t as right now between having a few bags full of it, and what I’ve started to actually go though is now being used as a sleeping spot for my cat. So, admittedly I’ve been both avoiding it and become more and more intimidated by these bags and piles of crap.

I mean, sure I’ve had some ideas about what to do with them. Some were nixed outright due to being ‘unfeasible’ or just plain silly. No matter how much I argued to the opposite (really, it was an awesome idea).

Of course, just because it’s an awesome idea doesn’t mean it’s ‘good’ or ‘humanly possible’. Plus, there are better options for what to do with them than letting my creative insanity guide the way.

So really the only thing holding me back is laziness my inability to go through them me. So in all honesty, I know they’ll be far more useful for someone else, than here as a hot air balloon or cat bed (as an aside: for the record, yes they will be washed first).

I plan on getting it done soon, even if ‘getting it done’ means bit-by-bit as the mere thought of doing it all at once is the
reason they are still here in the first place.

I just really don’t want to deal with them. I’d like to use that thought I’m sure we’ve all had that if I don’t even look, and just donate it all now that I more than likely won’t miss any of it. But, I realize that a.) I just can’t do that and b.) I have a fear of this happening*, just with clothing somehow.

So, slowly but steadily I swear I’ll get this done. I swear it.

*The Doofenshmirtz viral video kind of deal. Not so much on the aglet part.