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Fluffy Writing on My Blog? It’s More Likely Than You Think

Fluffy Writing on My Blog? It’s More Likely Than You Think

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I’m not a fan of fluffy writing. It’s unusually saccharine and the flowery text tends to make my eyes bleed. I honestly image it like a pie, with a cake on top, drizzled with chocolate syrup, then blended in with thumb tacks.

A description that I’ve used in many (far more) inappropriate settings. Because it’s awesome sounding and gets my point across well (in my head it does, at least).

Yes, this will be explained further down, and hopefully it will be clearer by then.

So, to explain both fluffy writing and that analogy, come with me and take a brief walk into my brain (ugh, creepy much?).

There is one small warning, I’m running on almost no sleep after bs-ing and playing video games studying all night. So with that said, below may either come across as interesting and somewhat informational, OR conversely the insane ravings of a madwoman (so, it’s like Russian roulette with words, awesome I know).

Now, back to fluffy writing.

What is fluffy writing, as you are surely rhetorically asking about now (or at least, you are now because it’s needed for this post, so work with me on this).

Fluffy writing is an overuse of flowery text, stories, or whatever with no real purpose, point, or reason. It’s writing with flagrantly overused phrases or themes to the point that the author of said piece makes it their personal cliché. This isn’t always a problem sure, nor is it something that is always inherently hated (the Twilight franchise comes to mind*).

Now as for the analogy (as I want to get that out-of-the-way as soon as I can here:

The Pie:

  • The pie represents the story. It could be great, or it could be rhubarb, you don’t know until you dive on in.
  • My love of pie is no secret here. As it’s a.) delicious and b.) even better than delicious.

The Cake:

  • The cake represents the instances of the fluffy text at first, sure it’s a little too sweet on top of the pie, but it’s okay. As bad as it is for you once in a while you can prove it.
  • Cake is good obviously. While it simply isn’t as great as pie for many reasons, it’s still good. The combination is one of those things I could imagine spoiling yourself a bit with.

Chocolate Syrup:

  • This is the point where it’s going  a bit too far. Things are getting complicated and just wrong. Sure,  chocolate syrup is delicious  and wonderful and all, but let’s face it there is a point that you’re just begging for a sugar coma. This represents the ongoing and relentless usage of the fluff.
  • Really, this is going further into the ‘going overboard’ phase, but still not too far. Besides: Chocolate. Syrup.

The Thumbtacks:

  • This is what the story has become. Much like choking down that thumbtacks, the story has become little more than the ongoing usage of the ‘metaphors’ and flowery texts has made it easy to mock and the relentless droning has made it as painful to read as the thumbtacks would be going down.
  • Oh god, just oh god. Too far overboard.

While it does take a special talent to get through the entirety of the fluffy writing, especially since the requirements are pretty hard to fully  be able to check off, there are some things out there that do fall under the definition fully. They’ve made it their own, and to such effect that they are now synonymous with the fluff.

It’s kind of impressive really.

But I also wholly admit this is my own issues with certain things. I’m positive that we all have those little things in culture that annoys us enough. Then again, there’s a strong possibility that maybe I’m over thinking it all way too much.

So, do you have anything (in literature or otherwise) that manages to strike the wrong way with you. Be it inexplicable, or fully understood- I’d like to hear it.

*If you like Twilight, then no worries- this is a personal opinion kind of thing.

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