Bonus Post: Lady Gaga- Why is this a thing?

Bonus Post: Lady Gaga- Why is this a thing?

The lady herself (of course I mean Lady Gaga, who else?) is making a bit of a uproar again (yes, this is two whole parenthesis in a sentence and two whole posts in a day, I*’d like to assume at this point I’m just that unpredictable as a blogger).

Anyway, the image that is creating an uproar? Of course it’s going to be posted. Below, but still. So if you don’t want to see what the drama is about, don’t click more.


Okay, so as you can see, this is NOT a thing. Like, at all.While, you may be confused as to why I’m saying this (by the way:  have you ever read here before?) the reasons are below:

A.) While her outfit may be odd, she’s fully dressed.

B.) What?!

I’m completely not clear at all why this is a ‘thing’ on even ‘liberal’ blogs (who shall go unnamed out of my somewhat insane principal). Admittedly, it’s enough of an issue at the moment for me to be writing about, but at the same time, I admit I’m not understanding the issue behind the image.