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Nerddom Ahoy!

Nerddom Ahoy!

I suppose partially to continue on with my terrible post names trend and partially because I’m just not feeling like being deep here my wonderful readers is a thing that like totally happened (and keeps happening).

Because I simply don’t learn from my actions.


It’s like totally a part of my insanity charm.

In an effort to try something new and possibly drive myself just a bit more insane I’ve decided after a very careful five minutes of thought to switch my operating system from Windows 7 (very nice, may I add) to Ubuntu (totally because of the Narwhal reference in the distribution’s name*). I used to have a dual booted system, with Windows 7 and a different distribution of Ubuntu, due to my own love of punishing myself.

So, you know I’m not entirely a stranger to how these things work.

Now, the last time I did this I killed my entire system, so I knew better than to attempt to go that route.

I’ve also killed a lot of other systems (yes, and I’m a trained and licensed systems tech. There was a lot of destruction on that path).  Naturally, I have a lot of hard drives laying about from these systems gone past.

What could possibly go wrong?

The stars aligned perfectly with my insanity.

It was on.

So of course with a spare (what I had thought was) 160 GB hard drive in hand I replaced the one in my system, which went nicely. Of course, because I play fast and loose with my own stuff, there were no backups. I’m like Dirty Harry with a screwdriver and esd strap. Now, also because I’m simply that exciting I forgot to double check and actually verify the amount of space on the new drive (a whopping 80 GB). Naturally, it couldn’t have been the larger one but a random smaller one I had laying about.

Mind you, I ‘dabble’ in repairing computers and I’m really no stranger to proper procedure or anything. I’ve never broken a client’s computer, and always return them in better condition than when I originally got them. With my own however, fast and loose all the way. Surprisingly, not too much has gone too wrong (save for the wrong drive and the realization I use a lot more space than I thought I did.

So instead of a broken system, I now just have a tiny one. Meh, it works so I suppose I can’t really complain.

It’s also helping me figure out ways to use the space I do have better (post on this upcoming, hopefully) and to not download everything I think is spiffy.

It’s amazing, really.

Trust me on this.

*Because yes, this is how I make decisions.

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