Eh, The Kids Are Alright (Mostly)

Eh, The Kids Are Alright (Mostly)

I don’t really look back on my teenage years with rose-colored glasses. It would be both foolish and (let’s face it) I’d thoroughly get mocked (in good fun, or not) by those who actually knew me then (not that I could blame them).

As a teen I ‘stood apart’ from the crowd, I dressed in black. I was deep*. I mean, I wrote deep, dark, and moody poetry all in addition to my deep, dark, and moody pictures.

Let’s be honest here, while sure there were an obsessive amount a few musings about how that boy I liked and how he was like, totes dreamy- most of it was just random outpourings of whatever I found to be my latest aggravation or heartbreak.

Thankfully I’m such an immature emotionally balanced adult today.

Back then I was that ‘nobody understands me’, moody teenager who knew it all, and knew it better than anyone. I was just an adult in a 13-year-old package, and really you guys- I was seriously able to do everything, if it weren’t for ‘the authority’ trying to keep me down.

Of course, growing up it wasn’t all about moodiness and octopi (Fun fact: Did you know it’s actually supposed to be octopodes? Right?! Mind=Blown).

You see, I was also very invested in fighting the ‘powers that be’ and their authority.t art

That authority was of course my straw man for whomever I saw as ‘keeping me where I was’ (so normally; my mom, school administration, or whatever else I was mad at on any given day).

Where I thought I should have been however, I honestly have no idea. I seriously doubt I did then either.

As you can imagine, I was just a peach.You very likely know somebody who was or is similar, I’m also willing to bet that they are/ were around 13-17 and very likely insane (show me a 13-year-old that isn’t though) or maybe you were that type yourself.

Back to those rose-colored lenses, it seems that there’s a lot of people out there who truly think the teenage them was somehow immune to the raging hormones, and overall insecurities.

For instance, here’s an average comment that one can find out there:

When I was a Teenager ( im 32 now ) I had respect for my parents. While I did rebel I did not disrespect them or talk back .. (Source)

When I do happen upon those kinds of quotes my immediate response is to call bs.

I don’t doubt there were some people out there who were just lovely human beings growing up and never received so much as a sidewards glance by anyone, but that person is rare.

Defiance and the assorted chaos of teenage years are really a part of growing up. The moodiness can be attributed to both the rush of hormones and the influx of all the new feelings and experiences that are brought on in such a short time,.

Then you grow up and out of it all. Real life happens and you move on from those horrible awkward years (hopefully). It’s not graceful, its very likely not pretty, and it’s almost guaranteed to suck.

For the most part, you move past it. It’s why I’m still a firm believer that I’m not likely to change much of my past, if given the chance. It’s all made me who I am now, and while sure there’s a few dings and scratches from it all- I’m okay with those. I’d like to think they give me a bit more of a personality than they’ve horribly ruined anything.

*Like a puddle.