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So, I’m Not Really Good At This Blogging Thing

So, I’m Not Really Good At This Blogging Thing

I’m an awful blogger. I write, then forget, then (of course, at random) start writing again.

I mean, I’m really bad at writing here.

I do believe we’ve covered this, at large. But still, I have to say you guys are amazing. I see you, after checking my statistics (of course, when I remember) I see that some of you courageously check this website.

Surprisingly, more than I’d expect.

Especially from me.

Naturally you get to see nothing. At least, nothing new. But still, here I am. I do love you all, I do. I’m like that bad (I mean really bad) boyfriend (you remember him, gorgeous, but just kind of not there) that you almost guaranteed had in high-school.

Just, you know- in blogger form,

So. Yeah, take this sappy post as a bit of love to you, my amazing subscribers and readers. I suppose this is partially an apology and partially an excuse. But still, it’s something. So, there’s that. (Sidenote: More and more like the bloggy version of that awful boyfriend, right?). I do realize that I’m awful at updating, and that while this is lame for an update even from me, it does still count as an update.

To be honest, I’ve been low on things to complain about. Which, in every day life is fantastic, when it comes to updates here, it’s bad. As I seem to work best while complaining about something that really has no effect on my life (just like about 79% of my fellow bloggers).

Yet, of late, there isn’t too much to complain about.

While, sure that’s pretty self-aware, it’s not boding well for my writing. Hmm. I suppose I could always go into those tales of woe and relationships gone wrong that I used to write about. Sound good? I sure hope so. (As I’m running really low on material, but I still have some interesting stories of tales gone by.)

Sound good?

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