Happy Rapture Day!

Happy Rapture Day!


Image: (If you know, tell me- must give credit for the funnies).

Now, just for funsies I was going to write a whole thing geared towards my not being raptured.

But, no.

I can’t.

  • The problem isn’t that it’s not funny (it totally is).
  • The problem isn’t that I think I’m going to be raptured (I’m totally screwed if it were real).
  • The problem isn’t even that I’m just not funny enough (I’m Irish, sarcasm is what I do best).

No, the problem is that there’s just too much that makes me incredibly angry about this. Even though I’m one of those awful people who make jokes due to being angry.

This rapture business is akin to screaming fire in a crowded theatre. Sure, there’s  people out there that will calmly leave the premises, or look around and see that indeed there is no fire.

The issue consists of the other subset of humanity. The ones that are guaranteed to freak out.

There’s a lot of people out there who truly believe with every atom of their being that today is the rapture.

These people may potentially do something drastic in relation to that.

This has happened before (think Hale Bopp and Heaven’s Gate). Sure, they may not have been looking to the rapture but they believed in their thinking enough to completely throw aside every single self-preservation instinct that humanity (and other animals) have deeply rooted into us. Once that is gone, bad things happen. While sure, amongst those that believe there are surely a lot that will shrug their shoulders and move on with their lives. Disappointed (maybe) but generally fine.

Those are also not the ones that are fear-worthy.

If anyone gets harmed do to this insanity, I hope with every fiber of my being that Harold Camping finds himself in hot water over this. While logically, it’s not going to happen.

What do you think? Should Camping face any sort of punishment if something happens?