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Sometimes, It’s the Odd Things That Make Your Day

Sometimes, It’s the Odd Things That Make Your Day



I had a very special date on Monday. I had a picnic with my favorite partner in crime (of course I do mean Kiddo). We went on a great little trail near us, the library, and a favorite restaurant (let’s face it- Grilled Cheese and a BLT  beats whatever I’d make).

We found a great spot on the trail, but not before passing the bridge in the photos. Really, over the past decades it’s become something of a local legend in it’s own right for the graffiti. The Cthulhu looking thing above is the first one of late that greets walkers. There’s no trash around, and the people who do the art don’t bother anything else (so, extra points to them).

There’s also this guy:


Which I love.

Sure, I’m also speaking of a huge fan of Banksy (which is something to keep in mind).

Anyway, we found this little area overlooking the marsh (normally there are a lot of nesting birds in this area).

Here was our view while we ate:


Gorgeous, right? While my camera isn’t doing it justice (I forgot to adjust the settings, natch). It was beautiful out nice warm and still quiet. It was worth the poison ivy and soreness that I have now (as at present I have no right doing hikes like this).



When it started getting more on the Silent Hill side we left. I do want to go camping now though*. It’s been too long, and really- I miss it. Kiddos getting to be a great age for it, and she adores nature.

The who day was just wonderful, and we both needed it. It helps to escape the day-to-day here and there.

*Yes, those sentences did go right by each other, why do you ask?

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