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Pretty Little Pictures (or My Daughter, The Artist)

Pretty Little Pictures (or My Daughter, The Artist)

SANY0788It was nice to finally see some green recently. Even right now, there are birds chirping away outside the windows. Finally, Spring has.. well.. sprung.


To celebrate this long waited for occasion, my daughter and I wound up taking an amazing hike on a trail near us. I let her use my camera, and she took some fabulous photos (hey, everything can’t be alliteration).


Really, look at that amazing macro! Momma’s proud. She utilized props and lighting! This is one of my favorites, and I love the bell against the rock.


She also loves those leaves.


Her fascination with acorns confuses me, but after images like this: I’m not complaining anymore.

The weather is so refreshing, especially after that insane winter. Even though it’s still chilly out, I can’t complain. Both of our moods have been improving thanks to the nicer weather, and the fact we can actually go outside without fear of being buried under a few feet of snow.


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