Oh My Gosh! Spring!

Oh My Gosh! Spring!

I know, I know-I’ve been doing quite a few picture posts lately, but I keep finding pretty things to share!* I really can’t help it, so I do hope you forgive me on that. I promise I’ll eventually get back to proper writing soon (maybe).


That blue!

For what it’s worth I don’t know flowers. I don’t know a peony from a chrysanthemum without Google.


The above is basically the little flower that could. We have a ton of these things out back that grow back every year (and considering I have a black thumb and can kill a plant just by looking at it).

I have to find it funny that all the flowers out back are yellow. All of them. While cheerful, I’d like to add in some other colors someday.


Grass! I really can’t tell you how happy I am to see the green stuff everywhere. I’ve been so sick of three feet of snow. It actually go to the point that I forgot what grass even looked like.


*Yep, that is what I’m going with.