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So, I Want a Scarlet S. Can We Get on That?

So, I Want a Scarlet S. Can We Get on That?

I’m single.

That’s it. Really, there’s no other qualifiers needed to add into it. Just those two simple words. I’m single.

I’m not miserable, lonely, or upset. Really, I’m not dying. As far as I’m aware, it’s not contagious. Just not attached.

I’m happy as well. Happier than I’ve been in a very long time. Which has nothing with my ‘taken or not’ status. My emotional state simply isn’t tied into it. Right now, there’s much more out there than being guy crazy.

While to me it’s not really all that insane or strange. Some surprising people seem to wait with baited breath for me to tell some tales of woe about my single-dom. I’m expected to add in how miserable it is, and by proxy how miserable I am for that unfortunate status.

I find it’s actually rather nice being single. I don’t have to worry about some guy waiting for me, I don’t have to plan anything accordingly, and I don’t have to check in with somebody else’s schedule when I feel like doing something.

These concepts are really hard to understand, and I’m confused by that.

I’m not lonely. I have people who are awesome as friends (save for the issues that they have with my single-dom). I have a great social life, job, schooling, and a wonderful daughter to keep me going and happy.

But, all that isn’t okay. Or apparently enough.

My friends see the need to point out that they know someone I’d be awesome with. Or that they know a great website for finding ‘that someone’.

What the hell? Why is this so upsetting?

Really, I’m asking here. I have no idea.

I don’t need the validation that so many seem to place mainly in having a relationship. I just don’t.

If that’s insane, I’ll stay crazy.

I’ve had everyone from my family, to my closest friends trying to change that ‘horrible’ status. Not one of them as bothered to find out if *gasp* I was okay with said status first*.

I’m not militant about any of it. Right now finding ‘someone’ is just not on my list of priorities.

So, now I just need a big scarlet S. I’ll rock that thing with pride.

*Surprise dates apparently are supposed to change my mind immediately.*sigh*

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