Ponderings of a Digital Hoarder

Like many people who create art (for a living or otherwise) I have a few strange quirks*. If something isn’t up to some arbitrarily defined “I know ‘it’ when I see ‘it’” standard, it just falls by the way side.

This is doubly so when it’s something I’ve personally done, or have an interest in. Which is also why this blog (and let’s face it- others I have) tend to not get updated. I find that a theme doesn’t fit my exact need, I ignore it all.

Really. This has to be some new kind of insanity. If you are familiar enough with internet speak, it’s essentially ‘Shut Down Everything’ in action.

It’s not that I’m a perfectionist, for the most part at least, I’m not. It’s not even that I ‘didn’t like’ what things looked like here While I didn’t create it it was incredibly pretty but not what I was looking for in my blog.

Side note: if anyone cares I was using the gorgeous theme called ‘Smooth’ , which is completely fab, pretty, and wonderful.

Hell, you should see my ‘themes’ area’ on all of my websites. They are all insane.

Essentially, I’m a collector.

At least that’s the excuse I give.

Beautifully designed things make me insanely happy, even if they don’t work well for anything I’m be working on. Which also, of course is a part of my own present ‘job description’. I have to have things that work well for the things I create, or work on.

At the same time, I still feel like a digital hoarder. Which of course, I completely am. I will save completely unimportant things from aeons ago, because I may** need them someday. Of course, at the same time- I never, and yes I do mean never need anything I talk myself into saving.

Especially considering how bad my own older stuff is.

Another side note: It’s all really, really bad. Even if at the time I convinced myself otherwise.

But still, I save it all.

Basically, I have hard drives full of what is a digital tomb of crappy things of mine, and beautiful things of those I have admired.

It’s bad, and a horrible habit, but still; I am not able to simply just delete it all. As I convince myself I will need it all.


Sure, more than likely ‘someday’ will never come. Telling myself this does nothing at all.  Even if I have no real issues throwing things out in normal life, it’s just the digital things that I seem to have issues with.

Go figure. I suppose that is another thing to add into the pile of things to do.


So, anyone else out there with some oddly specific thing?

*I’m really hoping at least, that my artistically inclined friends and I aren’t alone in this.

**I won’t ever need them.