Deep, Like a Puddle

Deep, Like a Puddle


I seem to be better at driving myself insane more than anything else. If having a ‘moment’ over completely inconsequential things was an actual contest- I’d take home the gold. Sure, it would be a lame contest, and winning it would be more depressing than anything- I’d still be a winner which is still something.

Maybe MTV could fit in in between the train wrecks it shows now. MTV- Get on it. Have your people call my people (because that method has worked so well for me in the past)


Now, the Big Bad™  things in life I can deal with fairly well, those million and one little things for some reason push me to some strange extreme.

Go figure.

People passing out, severely injured, or having a seizure?

I go into action and make sure that they are safe and breathing, and proceed to find help- calmly. All the training I had to have in my ‘want to be a teacher’ days helps (they did make me do some first aid classes*).

Divorce? No biggie! Been there, done that.

However, put me in a situation where I’m sick, a bit busy, or something is happening that was unexpected? Bad things. Because something just short circuits in my brain and it get stuck in pity party mode (or, if you would prefer ‘the sneaky hate spiral’**).

As you can imagine, I’m just thrilling to be around. I really should charge for the entertainment, but I do this as a warning service to others (and you’re welcome). I’m really not sure where it comes from, my theory is my own mom. She’s like that as well, and the reason why I’m mostly convinced that if something is within three feet of a heater, that the whole house will indeed burn down (yes, I am aware that it’s a cliché to blame mom).

Okay, so it’s more than likely not my mom’s fault, I’m guessing it comes from my habit with everything else.

Essentially take that little thing, worry endlessly about it.

Because that makes the bigger thing that much easier to deal with, especially when the little thing is something that is easier to solve that whatever the big thing is.

While that may not make much sense, it’s become a habit that does have some benefits in keeping me calmer when it really counts.

Or, maybe I’m insane. That of course is an option as well.

*Also helps in the event that certain friends are being idiots, which happened more than I care to admit.

**Warning, addictive website. Probably would make more sense to post this warning next to it, but hey- I’m bringing others down with me. Just be thankful I didn’t link to TV Tropes.