This is Why Those ‘Job Finder’ Website Aren’t Worth it

This is Why Those ‘Job Finder’ Website Aren’t Worth it

As a freelancer, a bit part of the job is looking for new people to work for. After all, without  new jobs coming in- there’s no money coming in either. Finding those new jobs is a bit part of my work, and at times I use, or a similar website to find work and those looking for freelancers (plus, I really hate writing bids*).

It’s a system that’s worked okay for me, and considering my resume  hasn’t’ been updated for abut a year I figured it was dtime to do that as well.


After getting all that situated and mostly updated, I uploaded it and essentially didn’t think of it again until the last few days.

I’ve been bombarded with emails and phone calls.


Which, one would think should be awesome. Bombarded by potential jobs through my phone, email, and cell (for the sake of argument, my home phone and cell phone shall be separate).

So, what are these amazing job offers being thrown at me?

Claims that they’ve looked at my resume, and find that I would make an awesome manager.. for commission based insurance sales.

*sigh* No… Just no.

Really, no joke. The conversations go like this:

Me: (answers phone) Hello?

Sales Rep: Hi! Is (My Name) there?!

Me: This is (My Name)!

Sales Rep: Hi there (My Name)! I have your resume in front of me, and wanted to give you a call to extend a job offer to you!

Me: Erm? Great! What are you looking for? (At this point, for clients I usually just find out about their needs, website, fliers, that kind of thing).

Sales Rep: In looking at your resume, you would be perfect for a Management position!

Me: Oh! An art management position?!

Sales Rep: No, Insurance! Yay! (Okay, obviously ‘yay’ wasn’t said. It was implied).

Me: Which part of my resume makes you say that?

Sales Rep: ….

At this point I would love to tell you some fantastic story about how I verbally eviscerated them, that with only a few selected bon mots I’ve shown them that preying on people with hopes of ‘management positions’ that amount to little more than commission based door to door sales is wrong. That I’ve shown these poor souls that there is a whole world of better things they could be doing, and that they have repented their ways.

Instead what actually happens is I laugh and make it clear that they couldn’t possibly have seen my resume, and that I’m fairly certain I’m allergic to insurance sales and that I don’t know anything about what they are looking for.

In a brutally polite way.

Because I’m hardcore like that.

*Which I just need to get over, like yesterday. Considering the bid is about 99% of freelancers finding work, it’s really something I have to work on.