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From Me, To You

From Me, To You

While I pondered weak and weary.

All this week the sky’s been dreary.

Sick and tired of the snow.

Let’s be honest- my hope is low.

Hope to someday see the sun.

Trying to remember the concept of ‘fun’.

Yet, here I ponder watching, waiting.

Hoping for this awful weather to start abating.

Woeful in my feeling’s tone.

Can’t remember the last the sun shone.

IMGP3334aaxSee, this weather is bringing back my teenaged angst along with the writing of dreadful poetry. I can’t remember the sun, was it bright? Maybe cheerful? I’d like to think so. Alas this teenaged angst-raging me hasn’t seen it in about a week.

Suffice it to say, between cabin fever and my hatred of this white crap- I may be losing it. It’s not even fluffy-pretty snow, it’s this wet ice-like thing pounding down from the sky.

Kiddo and I are both getting bored, so I dug through my closet and brought out my old gaming systems. While it’s an ‘interesting’ solution, it has bee working. She’s being wailing on my in them too. Her new favorites are between one of the Tony Hawk skating games, and Mario Kart. Awesome as that may be (very awesome, by the way), I know that won’t hold her for long.

Hopefully by the time that wears off the weather will be nicer.

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