Did Someone Say Something?

Did Someone Say Something?


You know those moments, the ‘Oh Crap!WhatthehellamIgoingtodonow’ moments?

Yep, right now, I’m still having one. Well, another one at least.

You see, although yes- I work in design and code-monkey type things- I’m also a student. Last night, things were assured to be cancelled due to snow. So, naturally my brain was in ‘off’ rather firmly (really, what I do isn’t brain surgery). I was settled, had some tea and graphics programs running, and I was calm.

Checked the website for, with more than a mild disinterest (as again, I completely expecting things to go a certain way). Strange, my school isn’t listed- oh well! It will be soon, right? Right? OH GOD, RIGHT?

Of course, that listing wasn’t meant to be.

Oh crap, I had school.

To say I wasn’t prepared is an understatement. Although, it’s been over two weeks since I’ve even had a full day, it’s really just principal at this point. I haven’t missed a day yet, so it’s pretty much in the cards that I will be going. Again, principal.

Even today, with the three (plus) feet of snow.

Still, even now- it’s not stopping and here I am with a final (today). Fun! Unprepared!

*Okay maybe a *slight* exaggeration.