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Cleaning Up My Act For the New Year

Cleaning Up My Act For the New Year

If only my home looked this neat.

With the holiday season over and shopping done, why not spoil yourself a bit?

Go on, put your feet up, grab a cold one, and throw on some loud and completely non-holiday related music (If I may, I would completely recommend something with a bit of extra zip and no jingle bells).

With most of the cleaning out of the way, and the stockings and trees mostly taken down things are getting back to normal, if a bit more cramped. There are just so many more things to do already, and it’s not even February yet.

So, with so much to do and put away (and hopefully keep a bit tidier) I wanted to share a few things with others that may help them to do the same.

Below are some labels for personal use, I hope you enjoy them! Simply click on the image to make them larger and save them to your computer. They print out to be about postcard sized.



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