Andrew Wakefield: Could I’m Sorry Ever Be Enough?

Andrew Wakefield: Could I’m Sorry Ever Be Enough?


Someone would have to be living under a rock to not know who disgraced doc Andrew Wakefield is. Barring that, most at least have heard of some of his theories. He managed to convince many that the MMR vaccination was somehow linked to Autism, and due to his (now shown to be falsified) study, many parents opted to forgo the vaccinations, and unfortunately- many children suffered and actually died from this.

news-graphics-2007-_640547aWakefield received kickbacks, to the tune of £400,000 (or about $633,320), to come to up with the results he did in his ‘study’. The study itself was preformed poorly by any stretch of the imagination, and his own findings were falsified in order to get those results.

The outcome is even darker still, when you take into account the fatalities involved after this monster released this bunk report.

He gambled with children’s lives for money, and it’s incredible that he doesn’t seem remorseful that in the gamble- the kids are the ones who lost. Not only did diseases come back that we as a species had all but eliminated, it carreymccarthyvaccineskilled people (including people that were too young to be vaccinated.

Even when my own daughter was at the age to be vaccinated, I was worried. I poured over medical texts as if they were Oprah’s book of the month. I worried, and honestly- was scared over it.

The more research done into the study, the more it was shown to be false. After all, there were many other studies done to support or disprove Wakefield’s. They all showed the same thing, that there was simply no connection.

Of course, the doc wasn’t alone. There were celebrities and others acting alongside him, many who still support the greedy scumbag.

Is there an apology that would be fitting when one has been the precipice for a movement that has cost lives?

I mean, sure there was no apology from Andrew Wakefield, and it’s doubtful that there ever will be. But, IF he did- even with so much damage for profit (ironically, that is the same argument he uses against the pharmaceutical companies), is there justice? Could there be justice?