One Does Not Simply Walk into My Living Room

One Does Not Simply Walk into My Living Room


I’m not really big on the holiday season. Well, okay sure- family, food, and all that can be great.

Kiddo’s delighted of course in the boxes that her new toys came in, which was basically expected.

The mess really is more or less gone, too so you know- huge bonus there.

However there is a danger lurking, nay- biding it’s time around the corner.

Where the heck am I going to put everything?

That danger is more for the poor foot that may accidentally step on something, or namely me- walking into something in a morning fog.

Those baubles, trinkets, and other odds and ends that seem to accumulate every year. This year, I had been prepared- I put what I could in storage and whatever else went to the donation center. I cleaned out the old to prepare for the new.


Sadly, I vastly underprepared for the amount of spoiling that was in store.

Right now walking into my living room is more like walking into Mordor. Just a brighter more primary color  type of version. With random lights replacing the fire mountains and maybe  dinosaurs and trains instead of Orcs.

It’s not really messy, at least when kiddo isn’t playing with it- and it’s not like I’ll never be able to pack it all in. Unfortunately, it’s just not looking like it’s going to be an easy job. Plus the whole “I really am not organized” thing is completely kicking in.