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Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid


I’m starting to think that moving sounds pretty good. Sure I’ll miss the autumn, and the actual seasons that there are in Connecticut, but really for my own sanity health it’s sounding like a good idea.

I’d like somewhere warm, maybe with a pool. And a pretty view. Maybe a big porch, like they have in the more southern areas.

That’s what I want.

Maybe a pony too.

Of course my work may not pay for all that, a girl can dream right?

Well, okay I’ll be honest- there are some things that would be insanely easy to give up. This weather we are having now for instance.

It’s cold. Really cold. Cold is evil. Cold must go.

Today’s post was originally going to be witty and insightful one about launching your blog or business, but honestly- it’s too damn cold*.

For what it’s worth, I did make the fun graphic up top just for this post. Because I love you guys**.

*Okay, real reason? Appointments, but really- work with my pity party here.

**Okay, while sure I do love my audience- it’s more in the platonic way.

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