Privacy is Dead, Long Live Privacy

Privacy is Dead, Long Live Privacy


We live in a different world now, with a different set of rules than when we were kids. In just 20 short years much that was once taken as standard in regards to privacy and social rules are different.

While no, I’m not going to start crying 1984! Or anything like that.

I’m going to just say it: There is no privacy, it’s dead. Gone. Buried.

It simply doesn’t exist anymore.

At least in the sense that many are familiar with to it. You can find out anything, about almost anyone using some not-so-secret tools.  I was complaining recently that I didn’t want to go to some such thing or another, and wound up using the words, I’m a private person. Then it hit me, yes I am private- but unfortunately, that’s only a state of mind.


Most of my information is just a few clicks away. By reading one of my websites, you can find out what I’ve been doing. By finding me on Facebook you can find out about my latest annoyances. It’s not hard, just a matter of knowing what to search for. Of course, this is mostly information from what I put online. Even with privacy options in place, there’s still a surprising amount of information about  me since I first went online way back when.

While sure, it sucks. Thankfully, it’s not as bad for most that it is for some. For most, it won’t really have any effect on their lives. You could be angry, rant and rave, or whatever it’s not going to do any good.

How conspiratorial, right? It sounds like a movie.

I’m not saying to just ‘accept it’ blindly, and assimilate* but again, for most people it has no effect. Sure, an employer may check you out using Google and Facebook, but you can help that by setting up some privacy filters on Facebook, and Google yourself to see if they will find anything, and doing some extra damage control.

It does suck, but it is part of the ‘new rules’ that we are all forced to live with. Unless you want to move to the middle of nowhere and give up your cell phone, computer, internet connection, shopping, and more – there’s just not a lot you can do about it. Just  be careful what you post.

Big Brother is Watching*.

*Yep, both a 1984 and a Borg reference. I’m on fire.

*Give me some points, I waiting until the end to make that joke.