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Making Time To Make it All Work

Making Time To Make it All Work


It’s been said so many times that it’s a cliché. It’s also something I find myself saying more often lately, ‘If only there were more hours in the day…’

I do a lot during the typical day and waking up seems to get harder the longer the week wears on. I run a business as well, so there really isn’t much ‘free’ time between that, school, and kiddo. While I’d love to have days to dedicate to one thing, and one thing only- it’s not something that’s possible. It seems more and more that I find myself balancing all the normal life things with kiddo and work.

It’s not easy. Plus, I really do suck at time management.

I’m easily distracted as well, because I’ll be chugging along and think of 18 other things I need to do, which of course winds up stressing me out, which basically is my point of no return. It’s really like a vicious little  procrastination cycle (fun fact, I just started to clean out my email when I was trying to remove my bit of writers block).

I’ve been finding some ways of dealing with it all so I don’t get immediately distracted, so that’s a bit of success.  Inching ahead on that, if you will. This is one department that I’m willing to take any small victory that I can get, I have to admit.

Here’s what’s been helping (again small steps):

  • Clear out smaller tasks as you go: Scattered a bit throughout so those little accomplishments can push a bit more as you go.
  • Take 5: No matter if it’s coffee, tea, a martini, or maybe just a screaming session in the bathroom take a few here and there to just relax a bit.
  • If you use the computer- One tab at a time. No joke, right now I easily have 30 open (so okay, that does invalidate what I’m writing, see the ‘small steps thing again).
  • Do what you like best, last. It’s like a goal, just workish and possibly not that exciting.

I figure at this rate, I’ll start getting some more things together sometime around the time that kiddo is graduating high school (kidding, mostly).

While my tips above are helping, there really needs to be more. Do you have any advice that helps you keep sane, and mentally organized and on task?

Do share. I know I’m not alone, and us disorganized folks could use the advice.

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