Lately I’ve been busy and a tad on the spastic side. Not rushing around getting things done spastic, instead like a squirrel driving a bulldozer, it won’t end well but it’s pretty funny so it’s unlikely that anyone will be trying to stop it kind of spastic.

This, dear readers will not end well.

I always forget how much a re-launch suck. Always.

So, of course I do it a lot all willy-nilly like. Oh, hey it’s rainy out, may as well give up any semblance of a life I had until my code is all pretty.  To be fair, I got some happy-art time in too, so that part isn’t a bad thing. The image above is one of them.

I love it, and my other new pieces. Which I will show, eventually.

Anyway, you can see what I’ve cobbled together here: New Haven Creative. Hopefully more will get done if I don’t go insane, but hey- if I do lose it, there are surely some interesting posts that will come out of it.

So, that is sort of a win.

Then again if it weren’t almost midnight, I’d probably be writing a proper post right now, sadly that proper post will have to wait until I’m more awake.