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5 Things I Learned From Switching Hosts

5 Things I Learned From Switching Hosts

Just a dot, no- really.If that title isn’t enough to make you sleepy, than I both thank you and may fear you  a little. To be honest, I’d been planning on the switch for a while, but was forced into it with a huge problem. Which really, I’ve ranted enough about webhosts at this point that it doesn’t really seem worth re-visiting.

However, the process taught me a few life lessons that I would like to revisit. It gave some introspection that I really didn’t want, sure. Hopefully it will help me at some point in the future.


I am not a patient person.

I’m not patient, at all. While sure in the last week I did get three websites switched over, and am working on the fourth, patience is not one of my virtues. While all I had to do was switch over some information and wait, this is a concept that apparently is meaningless to my brain.

If things didn’t poof from one digital place to another immediately, F5 was hit.


Because when you do it really, really fast the internet fairy works faster.

I get distracted very easily.

Sure family is around, and it was almost Thanksgiving, but when anything crossed my mind it really did seem like a peachy idea to go do that. Floors cleaned, windows were stared out of, and naturally when I wasn’t right there- bad things happened.

I both love, and hate design.

I enjoy making pretty things. It’s something I’ve always loved. Making the right designs myself is something I do like doing, no matter if it involves paints, Photoshop, or code. Making something nice makes me extremely happy. Even viewing other people pretties make me happy, it’s my thing (is what that rant is trying to say).

Blog design? It enrages me.

Now, I don’t mean making them, thinking about them, or viewing them. No, instead I have some kind of insane thing that any default theme is instantly deleted (yes, on purpose). It really wouldn’t matter if it is made of gold (or, you know internet gold*). It is just the sheer fact that it is default.

Then of course I need a temporary design while I work on the permanent one**.

A simple process will confuse and frighten me.

All I had to do is download my old data, then upload it to the new place. Simple, really. To be honest that was the issue. It wasn’t working as it was supposed to (and a nice $20 is riding that it was my fault). While there were some parts that were indeed not going to work (blank website due to my old host exploding).

Sometimes, the lazy way is the best way.

While, that is a conviction I’ve stood by for a while. Most people will tell you that doing something the lazy way is never the solution. Those people are liars. Horrible liars.

Copy and paste is my best friend. For real.

I eventually wound up just copying and pasting my important database files from the old files to the new server (for what it’s worth, I now understand databases better. There is a bit of silver there). That isn’t really something anyone recommends, I didn’t even know that was a thing that was possible.

Happy to say that things are actually running well. Morally as well.

. Or this video: which is now diamonds.

**Because I have to make everything difficult (fun fact can be relevant). Also, making the permanent one ahead of time is apparently a concept that is foreign to me.

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