Well, Ordered Chaos is Kinda Fun At Least

Well, Ordered Chaos is Kinda Fun At Least

This post is a mess, please enjoy this demon-ducky.

I really like to think of my life at times as an ordered chaos.

I’m well aware that’s like saying it’s a controlled demolition on the wrong building and it all being okay because the damage was incredibly orderly.

This way of thinking helps me get through a bit more than if I were just constantly wondering how exactly things will go wrong.

Eventually they do go right, mostly. Things are where I want them, and dare I say it- going great. Even most of my omg-huge mistakes in life did have some form of silver in them… somewhere. so I suppose one could say that I can make good out of the bad.

Well, okay no. No you can’t. At all.

That’s pretty much where that theory goes away, quickly.

You would think that one would learn sooner, I picked up on it all a tad later. While it was a hell of a ride getting to the point I am now, with good times strewn in (so, yeah- I’m not really complaining).

Then again you could also say that I’m deep in my writing lately, but you know that would also be a lie.