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Breaking Up With My Host, And Asking for the Internet’s Help


While yes most know that just because something is offered to you at a cheap rate, it really doesn’t mean it’s good. Sure, we know that but actually going along with it is a tad harder.

It’s unfortunate, I was a GoDaddy supporter for a good long while. I’ve had a few websites hosted with them for a few years now. Sadly, it’s looking like it really is time to move on to other pastures. I’m not sure what happened and at what point, but hey- I was even willing to overlook their terrible commercials and use them (and refer other to them).

Now, things have changed. For the significantly worse.

Now, the same blasted infections have continued same exact ones as before). This time however, my website is dead. Gone. Kaput.

Sure the files and database are fine, but actually viewing it simply isn’t working.

For once, this isn’t on me. So, you know there’s that.

At this point, I need to reinstall things just so I can get my posts back. Not really a fun thing to do, but I do want those posts back something bad. Preferable without going through my insane amount of entries one by one from the database files.

Now, finding opinions about a webhost is much like asking opinions on raising kids- people are passionate and their way is the best.

So, with that also firmly in mind let me as the internet what is a good webhost that you know of? I’m a woman of simple needs; at least 2 databases, access to MySql, and Linux hosting is preferred. I’m also pretty sure that FTP, and subdomains are typical at this point although those go without saying.

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