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Better Late Than Never, Right?

Better Late Than Never, Right?

SANY0095A bit ago Kiddo and I went to one of the many fairs that Connecticut offers. It was interesting, and to me the highlight was really the above. The Mad Magazine pumpkin.



Oh my gosh. Baby cow snuggling.

The fairs usually have an area dedicated to crafting, and I usually go there fairly (heh) quickly after getting to one, the mask display (made by kids in the local school) was fantastic.


Even if that horse is a bit Saw/ Eyes Wide Shut*.

We can just pretend that the fair didn’t actually happen a few months ago, okay? Great. Then we’ll do that.

Admittedly, I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical with writing and have a bit to post about (so, it’s not all at a loss). Mostly, I really forgot how intensive testing and education can be. Also, worth it**.

*Who am I kidding, I wanted it.

**4.0 GPA, baby.

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