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Kids and Social Media, This is a Thing Now

babycomputer Does your child have a presence? No, not a way about them that just makes people swoon, a social media presence. Something that however many years from now will translate into a great niche and maybe even some branding.

That kind of presence.

According to certain sources a whopping 95% of kids under two have a social media presence. This is a bit terrifying, and according to other sources, there is a resounding, ”What the crap?” aspect that goes along with that. While, I know it’s up to parents if they are posting images of their kids, and really- it’s fine. I personally don’t, but I do know a lot of parents that do. It a good and more importantly easy way to share the growth and development of their kids with those that may not live all that close.

But thinking that they have a following, fan base, (and using the term ‘presence’ does make it seem that way to my own sordid brain) and on top of that a whopping 92% of kids at that have that?

It sounds like the next big thing is baby blogging, and the ‘social gurus’ of tomorrow are really getting a head start.

Does your child have a social presence? Your baby have a blog?

(Image Via: Mashable)

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