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I was lucky enough to see a surprising amount of M.C. Escher’s work in person. Including the image to the left, which does lose a bit in digital form.

While I’m far from a stranger to his work, seeing it in person is wildly different than seeing it in a book, or though the digital medium.

It’s really astounding, is what I’m getting at. 

While it’s easy to see the mathematical and geometrical genius at play in his work (no matter the form), actually seeing it in it’s ‘real’ form is astounding. It really lets one appreciate the work and sheer genius that Escher’s work has. It’s the million little intricate parts and the details that go into the pieces that really takes my breath away.

It was a bit of a downer to not have the ability to take some photos, because in addition to the showing of the Escher pieces, lead-art-13there was a huge assortment of incredible art. One, an oil painting that was hard to see as anything short of a photograph. The talent alone (one of the Dutch masters, who’s name sadly escapes me at the moment) was breathtaking.

Another piece that was on display? Some selections from an artist that I’ve only just heard of, Dalton Ghetti (unfortunately, it seems he doesn’t have a website).

His talent is carving pencils into amazingly small (and intricate) art pieces. I had just read about his work two days prior and actually seeing it was amazing. One of the pieces I saw was the linked heart image here (among a few others).

While yes I’ve been horrible of late with posting, I’m making the vein attempt to make it up with fab art. I’ll eventually get back to the schedule I had, with some understandable changes*.


*Translation: After I fully re-student myself again- I should get to posting more or less as normal.

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